Course Overview

Happiness and success; we all strive for them in life, but in reality whom do they belong to? They definitely belong to those who grab onto them. In other words, life belongs to those assertive people who take advantage of opportunities that life keeps on offering us. Grabbing onto success and happiness starts with your determination, with your passion, and ultimately with the choices you make. There is no way you can reach success and happiness with passiveness or complacency. In this highly empowering course, we define life priorities and fulfillment through the eyes of the participants, and we provide them with the right toolkit to realize their own aspirations of success and happiness. Topics such as purpose and passion, resilience, assertiveness, emotional maturity, benchmarking with gurus and role models are all addressed to create a better and a more empowered version of ourselves.  The course focuses on “Passiveness is not an option” if we really want to lead a meaningful life.


Course Methodology

The methodologies used in facilitating this 2-day course are varied, SMART, dynamic and highly engaging. The process of learning here relies on real life scenarios and case studies. It focuses on participants’ engagement to help them find purpose and guidance to lead a happy and successful life.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Realize that happiness and success in life spring form the quality of our relationships
  • Appreciate the power of passion and mindset in striving for success and happiness.
  • Demonstrate assertive communication skills while trying to achieve goals. 
  • Determine their priorities and values and how to capitalize on those
  • Learn how to benchmark with the best to lead a more fulfilling life

Target Audience

As human beings, we all strive to common goals of success and happiness. Hence, this course is designed to benefit people from all walks of life; Students, graduates, entrepreneurs, professionals with a job, professionals looking for a job, employees, bosses, and managers alike. It’s guaranteed that there is something of value for everyone who attends this life empowering course.


Target Competencies

Communication Skills, Personal Resilience and Growth, Proactivity, Relationship Management, Interpersonal Skills, SMART Commitments and Decision making.


Course Outline

Success & Happiness

  • Your own definitions of terms
  • What does it take to be Happy in life?
  • What does it take to be Successful in life?
  • Quality of life = Quality of Relationships

Setting Priorities: Know thyself and thy worth (Personal Branding)

  • Your Purpose in life
  • Your values in life
  • Your life’s SMART Objectives

The Power of Determination, Assertiveness, and Passion

  • The 3 behavioral styles
  • Being Bold and Resilient
  • It’s all about Attitude and emotional maturity

The Big No No’s in Life

  • Passiveness
  • Complacency
  • The 6 Cs to Avoid in Life


  • Learning form the Best
  • Steps to follow
  • Shoulders to stand on


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