Course Overview

In the past decade the role of supervisors and managers has evolved specially after the economic crises and the introduction of millennial workforce which can reach to almost 50% in some companies.  Managing diverse teams and performance is not getting easier.  This workshop will give the participants a fresh perspective on their roles as leaders where we will elaborate on managerial functions and challenges, team alignment and dynamics, performance management through coaching and managing change within their organizations.  

Course Methodology

This course is designed with a focus on 5 essential key competencies that are crucial for any manager’s success while integrating a variety of examples and scenarios that will allow the learners to realize their own potential of managing and leading while contrasting the styles of other participants.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:
  • Managing themselves, Managing Others, Managing Change.
  • Identify personal managerial and leadership development needs.
  • Use coaching as a people development tool within their organizations.
  • Introduce change initiative to their teams with minimal issues.
  • Understand different motivation techniques and misconceptions.
  • Develop a stronger and aligned teams to facilitate job performance.

Target Audience

This course is targeted to supervisors and up to middle level managers who would need to update their knowledge and skills in managing themselves and managing others.

Target Competencies

  • Building Effective Teams.
  • Change Management. 
  • Coaching & Sizing Up People.
  • Drive for results.
  • Managing Vision & Purpose.
  • Managerial Courage. 
  • Motivating Others.

Course Outline

Managing Yourself

  • Developing your leadership brand
  • Adopting classical influencing styles  
  • Communicating at times of crisis
  • Handling crucial conversations professionally 
  • The assertive manager
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Self-assessment 

Managing People

  • Managing in the knowledge Era
  • Human behavior and motivation misconceptions 
  • Developing trust through stages 
  • Sizing up your people through development 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Delegating authority and responsibility 
  • Influencing accountability for better results 

Managing Performance and Coaching

  • How effective organizations are developed
  • Importance of SMART goals 
  • The performance cycle 
  • Understanding Goal Alignment 
  • Criteria for Effective Expectations
  • Performance Feedback
  • Avoiding common pitfalls during Appraisals 
  • Identifying and addressing fake work
  • Coaching for improvement
  • Creating Action Plan for Follow Up
  • Mastering the Questioning Techniques 

Managing Change

  • Spotting barriers to change 
  • Utilizing change adopters within your team
  • Communicating change initiatives 
  • Managing the change impact
  • Educating your team on change integration 
  • Dealing with stress and coping with fear at times of change
  • Real change leaders

Managing Diverse Teams

  • The increasing value of diverse organizations 
  • Characteristics of successful teams
  • Getting the bigger picture 
  • Identifying and overcoming different team dysfunctions 
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Building Sense of Accomplishment
  • High functioning team assessment 
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