Course Overview

Communicate with confidence! Create, collaborate, work with video and audio, and effectively present your ideas in visually compelling presentations using custom shapes, animations,  and Smart Guides. In this course, you’ll be able to design effective business slides and presentations and easily review or edit your presentations and create custom design templates.

Course Methodology

This is a hands-on course with about 20% on design and structure and 80% uses Powerpoint as a commanding tool to perform routine and periodic tasks. Individuals will be required to complete exercises, case studies, and projects on a daily basis.

Course Objectives

  • Work with powerpoint slides, layouts, and sections
  • Insert different types of objects such as videos, audios, screen recording, images, shapes, and smart arts
  • Design powerpoint slides and themes
  • Animate and perform transition techniques
  • Work with presentation views and master views
  • Design special slide masters, handout masters, and notes masters
  • Share and export your presentation using different tools and techniques

Target Audience

Business professionals, senior and junior business analysts, research professionals, marketing and sales, administrative staff, supervisors, general business professionals.

Target Competencies

  • Slide Tools
  • Design Techniques
  • Transition & Animation
  • Slide Show
  • Slide & Notes Master
  • Sharing & Exporting

Course Outline

Create and Manage PowerPoint Presentations

  • In this module, the participants will learn how to create presentation from scratch using blank slides. They will learn also how to create presentation using Microsoft built-in templates, search for templates available at Microsoft library, create presentation by importing text file or Word outlines.
  • We will cover how to format a presentation using themes and slide master. They will learn how to modify and use a slide master to make universal style changes to all slides in a presentation. Participants will be able view a slideshow from Manage mode or from View mode and also configure a slideshow and learn how to present it to an audience.
  • Finally, we will cover how to share PowerPoint presentation online by saving it to the cloud (OneDrive and SharePoint) and sending it to others. Also how to choose the permission level for the users when collaborating with others.

Create Slide Content

  • In this module, participants will learn all different type of contents that they can insert in the slide (text, tables, charts, SmartArt, Images and media files such as audio and video. They will be able to customize the content by applying format to text, insert table directly to the slide or from MS excel, insert different type of charts, work with SmartArt, insert images stored in their drive or from online and how to insert audio and video files and edit them.

Apply Transitions and Animations

  • Participants will learn the type of transitions and animations and how to apply them to a slide and content. They will learn how to work with animation order, set timing to both transition and animation and how to automate them when moving from slide to another during the presentation.

Manage Multiple Presentations

  • Participants will learn how to view multiple presentation and reuse slides from one presentation file to another to save time when creating a presentation. They will also learn how to merge presentations when working with different teams to create one single presentation file and manage changes and comments done by others.




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