Course Overview

Whether at home, at work, or in society, life is full of conflicts. It’s a fact! It is also a fact that conflicts are full of opportunities. It’s up to us how we deal with every conflict in life and try to turn it into an opportunity before we let it escalate into a complex problem. In this highly engaging course, we tackle a number of interesting topics at once due to the interconnectedness of life aspects when it comes to resolving conflicts. The power of mindset, critical thinking, problem solving techniques, decision making, assertiveness and communication all work together to resolve conflicts with a long term positive impact.Possessing conflict resolution skills is a pre-requisite to a successful professional as well as personal life.


Course Methodology

The methodologies used in facilitating this 3-day course are varied, SMART, dynamic and highly engaging. The process of learning here relies on real life scenarios and case studies. It focuses on participants’ engagement to help them find sustainable solutions on their own under professional guidance.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what lies before, during and ahead of conflicts
  • Appreciate the power of mindset in looking at conflicts and opportunities.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills while creatively trying to tackle problems. 
  • Create win-win strategies to solve problems.
  • Learn new techniques to analyze and resolve problems
  • Think long-term strategies for sustainable business and sustainable relationships
  •  Appreciate the power of assertive communication in conflict resolution.


Target Audience

Conflicts are part of everyone’s life. Hence, this course is designed to benefit people from all walks of life; Students, graduates, entrepreneurs, professionals with a job, professionals looking for a job, employees, bosses, and managers alike. It’s guaranteed that there is something of value for everyone who attends this conflict resolution course.


Target Competencies

Conflict resolution and problem solving, Communication Skills, Personal Resilience and Growth, Proactivity, Relationship Management, critical thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Decision making.


Course Outline

Conflicts as Opportunities

  • How do conflicts arise?
  • Why conflicts are potentially good?
  • Common blocks to seeing conflicts positively
  • Celebrating Agreements

The Power of mindset in sustainably resolving conflicts

  • The cognitive, psychological, and behavioral model
  • Having an open mind and a growth mindset
  • It’s all about Attitude

The decision making Process

  • Picking your battles first
  • The 6 steps of decision making
  • The decision making trio

Creativity & Critical thinking

  • The process of critical thinking
  • Creativity in creating solutions outside the norms
  • Being original in your solutions strategies

Impactful Problem Solving

  • Thinking win-win
  • Problem Solving Matrix
  • Problem analysis techniques

It’s all about Assertive Communication

  • Believing in yourself and your potential
  • Be assertive, bold, and decisive
  • Be a good listener to yourself and to others
  • Confidence is key

Tools for avoiding and resolving disputes

  • Anger Management
  • Accentuating the positive
  • Avoiding the Blame Game
  • Focusing on the future not the past


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