Course Overview

Many first-time managers fail - simply by continuing to do the same things that got them promoted in the first place. Delegating, motivating, and accomplishing work through others is very different from accomplishing work yourself. Instead of learning through trial and error, learn from this course the key skills for emerging managers and leaders.

Course Methodology

Presentations by the consultant are interspersed with video clips, group discussion, role play, and development of an outline for personal skill development plan.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Delegate effectively.
  • Making assignments and reviewing work from a coaching perspective.
  • Empower employees through motivation and delegation.
  • Have insight into managing up, down, and sideways.
  • Understand the difference between a manager and a leader - and how to be both effectively.

Target Audience

New managers or supervisors, prospective managers or supervisors, and managers or supervisors with some experience but no formal training who wish to improve their managerial skills.

Target Competencies

  • Planning and organizing work for others
  • Forming and motivating a team
  • Coaching others for top performance
  • Understanding your leadership style, strengths, and areas for development
  • Communicating effectively - up, down, and sideways

Course Outline

The Role of Managers in a Changing World

  • Changing roles in changing times
  • What managers do
  • Why you were chosen

What Managers Do: Ensure the Work Gets Done

  • Delegate
  • Assign and review, assess and coach
  • Hire and fire
  • Report and represent
  • Trend-watch and translate

What Leaders Do: See How the Work Needs to Change

  • Watch the environment
  • See how best to adapt to changing conditions
  • Share that vision
  • Influence others to embrace the needed change
  • Inspire confidence in the changed organization

Building, Managing, and Leading your Team

  • Hiring
  • Motivating
  • Ensuring high performance
  • Managing difficulty and conflict
  • Coaching and evaluating for successful outcomes

Communicating for Success

  • Measure your words
  • Speak with the end in mind
  • Expect to be repeated
  • Understand ego responses
  • Be prepared for difficult conversations

Managing Yourself

  • Optimizing your time and energy
  • Being your best self every day
  • To-do lists
  • 50 ways to say "no"
  • Tracking projects

Managing your Boss

  • Imagine a walk in their shoes
  • How to make them look good
  • Have their back
  • Bosses are people, too
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