Course Overview

Excel Dashboards provide insight, analysis and even alerts. They are interactive and dynamic, and have a wide range of applications, providing help with project management, customer service, KPI management, forecasting and so on. In this course, we will introduce you to the principles of designing dashboard, how to create professional chart based on the data, customize charts be editing chart elements and formatting styles, creating dynamic report and charts, and finally put it all together to build your powerful and dynamic dashboard for business presentation.

Course Methodology

This course is practical with 100% hands-on training using MS Excel 2013/2016. Delegates will be giving tasks to accomplish using exercise files. Laptops will be used duration the training

Course Objectives

By completely attending this course, participants will be able to:
  • Create professional charts
  • Use multiple visualization tools
  • Use Pivot table for data analysis and report creation
  • Design interactive dashboard
  • Distribute and publish dashboard

Target Audience

Business Professionals and data analysts who use Excel to create dashboards and reports and intermediate excel users who wants to improve interactive reporting creating and designing skills.

Target Competencies

  • Data layout and formatting
  • Reporting techniques
  • Data visualization
  • Charting skills
  • Dashboard Designing

Course Outline


  • Overview of Excel Dashboards and what can be done
  • Designing Dashboards – the considerations
  • Tips for Building Excel Dashboards


  • Learn Chart Elements
  • Different chart types
  • Editing and formatting your charts
  • Creating and customizing Charts
  • Using specialist charts for your Excel Dashboards
  • How to select the Right Charts for your Data


  • Learn the fundamental rules of Pivot Table
  • Analyze data with Pivot and create reports
  • Create Pivot Charts to feed your Dashboard


  • Dashboard Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Data Layout Creating Dynamic Dashboards
  • Insert charts to the dashboard
  • Use slicers for dynamic filtering


  • Appropriate Chart Types
    • Trending
    • Two Data Set
    • Area Chart
    • Bar and In-cell
    • Trending Tricks
    • Logarithmic Scale
  • Secondary Axis
  • Smoothing Data
  • Formatting Tricks
  • Top and Bottom Ranking
  • Grade Distribution
  • Target vs Actual Variance Chart
  • Median Chart
  • Performance Against Target Range
  • Bullet Graph
  • Pie & Donut Chart
  • Symbols in Formulas and Chart
  • Embedding Graphical Object in Chart
  • Insert Form Control in the chart (Check Boxes, List
  • Boxes, Option Buttons, Scroll Bar)
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