Course Overview

From education to oil and gas, healthcare to retail, hospitality to banking - customer service excellence means client retention, repeat sales, and account expansion, while poor service leads to higher churn, increased marketing costs, and thinner margins. In this course, you will understand how big data drives customer service, identify the strategic drivers for your industry, and learn how to grow your bottom line by putting the right metrics in the hands of the right people.

Course Methodology

Presentations by the consultant are interspersed with group discussions, case analysis, development of an outline for customer service excellence in the participant's industry and/or function. Video clips, individual and team exercises are also used.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the customer-service drivers in your industry and function.
  • Articulate the best practices, opportunities, and impediments around adding firm value through customer service.
  • Understand the people, data, culture, alignment, and measurement components of a customer service strategy.
  • Discuss case studies of best practices for various kinds of firms.
  • Outline the financial case for hard and soft improvements to customer service in your firm.

Target Audience

This course is designed for decision-makers in all industries seeking to improve the bottom line with improved customer service. Appropriate for managers, directors, vice presidents and senior leaders in operations, IT, marketing, HR, and other functions, in any industry, whether serving the external or the internal customer. 

Target Competencies

  • Understanding how customer service adds or subtracts value in your industry.
  • How to evaluate your firm's customer service profile.
  • The state of play for your firm - and how to exploit it for better market positioning.
  • How customer service relates to supply chain management.
  • Identifying which data streams to monitor for optimal return on investment.

Course Outline

Customer Service in the Age of Big Data

  • Customer service models and theories
  • Norms and standards
  • Differences across industries and functions
  • Differences across generations and cultures
  • Who is the customer? What is the service?
  • How big is the opportunity?
  • Extracting information from data
  • The cost-benefit question

Impediments to Great Customer Service

  • By industry
  • By generation
  • By organizational legacy
  • Other impediments

What are the Value-Add Opportunities

  • Winning the game
  • Best practices in retail goods and services
  • Changing the game
  • Opportunities in B2B and supply chain management

Building a Strategy, Piece by Piece

  • People
  • Data
  • Culture
  • Alignment
  • Measurement

Great Customer Service: Case Srudies

  • Retail goods
  • Retail services
  • B2B goods
  • B2B services

Brining it Home: Customer Service and your Bottom Line

  • Measuring what you've got
  • Customer service audit services
  • Customer service audit tools
  • Other measurement strategies
  • Deciding what you want
  • Fitting it to your strategy
  • Building the financial case
  • Taking steps to bridge the gap
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