Course Overview

 A moment of truth is simply any interaction during which a customer may form an impression not only of your brand or product but most importantly of you as a person.

In this highly fierce and aggressive competitive world we live in, meeting customer expectations has become boring! And, if you think that exceeding customer expectations is the answer, well guess again. It’s no longer enough at all. In this day and age, we have to delight customers in order to win their confidence, trust, and business. But beyond the typical definition of what any dictionary provides for the meaning of “delight”, what does it really mean? We need to truly understand what the word “delight” means and how we can actually differentiate ourselves from others when it comes to creating a moment of truth.  

Course Methodology

Just like creating moments of truth, the methodologies used in facilitating this 2-day course are varied, SMART, dynamic and highly engaging. The process of learning here is not just about how much you can get out of this course, but rather how much this course can get out of you as a person and as an influencer.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of what “Moments of Truth” is all about.
  • Realize the impact of bad customer service on business as well as on their personal reputation. 
  • Build their self-confidence to become more customer-oriented and more capable of finding win-win solutions.
  • Realize what it takes to truly go over and beyond and be regarded as an exemplary and trustworthy advisor no matter what field they are in.
  • Build loyalty and long-term relationships.


Target Audience

This course is designed to benefit people from all walks of life; Students, graduates, professionals with a job, professionals looking for a job, employees, bosses, and managers alike.

No matter what industry, profession, or role you are in, exemplary customer service is one of those very unique skills we all need for our success. Developing such a humanistic skill is a never ending evolutionary journey. 


Target Competencies

Outstanding Customer Service, Selling Skills, Personal Resilience and Growth, Proactivity, Relationship Management, Emotional Maturity, Interpersonal Skills


Course Outline

Moments of truth

  • What is Not Customer Service?
  • Moments of Truth; Definition, short term and long term impact
  • Perceptions, beliefs, needs, and expectations
  • The “Hit and Run” mentality
  • The cost of losing one customer

Exemplary Customer Service

  • Essential Elements of Internal Customer Service
  • The 4 levels of customer expectations
  • The different levels of customer satisfaction
  • Creating Customer Engagement

Going Over and Beyond

  • The 3 Pillars of Successful Relationships
  • The art and science of effective communication
  • Loyalty and The “Trust Equation”
  •  Becoming a trustworthy “Advisor”


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