Course Overview

From internal reorganizations to industry shakeouts, change happens to us every day - and the pace of change is accelerating dramatically. Jobs that exist today will go away, and jobs we can't even imagine will take their place. While this change can be disruptive to businesses and have a big human cost in terms of stress and fear, when managed strategically and creatively it can lead to individual career advancement and firm profit. This course gives a framework for managing the human and organizational elements of change.

Course Methodology

Presentations by the consultant are interspersed with group discussions, video clips, individual and team exercises, and development of an outline for leading change in the participant's organization or industry.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Deal with change more effectively as a leader of face-to-face and virtual teams.
  • Anticipate the impact of external trends on internal operations.
  • Understand the various change models and which ones apply to you and your firm now.
  • Problem solve around change resistence using strategic skills, good communication, and emotional intelligence.
  • Plan wisely for upcoming transformations.
  • View change theory through the lens of corporate culture and apply it appropriately.

Target Audience

Any leader experiencing the stress of dealing with change would benefit from this course. Particularly useful for those dealing with re-organizations, mergers, enterprise system implementations, or changes in corporate strategy.

Target Competencies

  • Understanding the major forces shaping the future and how they relate to you.
  • Assessing the nature and intensity of the change facing your organization now.
  • Strategic planning in the face of change.
  • Managing teams and collaborating in the face of change.
  • Problem solving around change and implementing change. 

Course Outline

The Rate of Change

  • The historical rate of change and how it has shaped our systems
  • The exponentially accelerating rate of change today
  • The upside and the downside for your industry, your firm, your team, and you

Change in Organizations

  • How firms and organizations have evolved historically
  • Typical organizational frameworks today
  • How rapid change has disrupted longstanding practices
  • Typologies of organizational change and change agents
  • The critical importance - and difficulties - of being a change agent today
  • Overview of stakeholder analysis and other key competencies

The Human Factor

  • Why people resist change
  • The importance of empathy (EQ)
  • Forms of resistance and how to understand them
  • Supporting a culture of change resilience

Dealing with Resistance to Change

  • The dynamics of change resistance (individual vs group)
  • The stages of change resistance
  • Adaptive strategies by individuals and groups
  • Strategies for change leaders:
  • Kotter's 6-step approach
  • The ADKAR model
  • The SARAH model

Case Study

  • The roller coaster ride of Satyam
  • Lessons to be learned

Leading Change Proactively

  • Lewin's force field analysis
  • Planning and preparing for change
  • Managing the transition
  • Building a culture of change resilience

Change and Risk Management

  • The risks of organizational change and dealing with them
  • Identifying, estimating, and communicating risk
  • The risk-impact probability chart
  • Managing risk - a team sport
  • Reviewing the risk of NOT changing

Change Leadership Exercise: Group Case Study

  • Working with a team, assess the change situation faced by Firm X (in your case study)
  • Put together a change leadership plan (stage 1)
  • Communicate your plan to the group with role plays
  • Put together a change leadership plan (stage 2)
  • Communicate it to the group

Evaluating and Learning

  • Assess the effectiveness of your plan for Firm X. What worked? What surprised you?
  • Did this situation create any opportunities for Firm X and/or its employees?
  • How could Firm X create a culture of change resiliance moving forward?
  • What lessons does this hold for your and your own firm?
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